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F.A.Q. Notes Festival: The Grand Get-Together

When and where is the festival?

The festival is september 10th 2022 at De Citrusveiling, marconistraat 25 3029 AG Rotterdam. From 14:00 to 23:00 


How do I get to the festival?

You can get to De Citrusveiling by car, bike, scooter or use public transport. 

De Citrusveiling is also reachable by Felyx, Check and Go! 


By Public Transport


De Citrusveiling is walking distance from metrostation Marconiplein. Marconiplein is reachable with Metro A, B & C. as well as Tram 21,23 and 24. 


By Car 

There are several free parking spots on the street as well as (affordable) paid parking garages on walking distance. Like Parking Europoint: Marconistraat 16


What is the minimum age for the Notes Festival? 

You must be 18 or older to attend the festival, you will need an ID to prove your age and guarantee entry.  


Where can I purchase tickets? 

Tickets can be purchased through this link:


Tickets are 31,95 euros incl.  


Is my ticket still valid for September 10th even though the date got postponed?

Yes! All tickets purchased for the festival are still valid for September 10th. all you need to do is come to the festival and scan your ticket.


Help! I can’t find my ticket what can I do? 

Send us a direct message on Instagram with your name and email address, then we can find and send you your tickets.


Where do I find the line-up, timetable, and (Pre-) Programme? 

To stay up to date with the line-up, timetable, and pre-programme keep an eye on our Instagram:


What happens when the weather is bad on the day of the festival? 

Notes reserves the right to move the event to an indoor location in Rotterdam in the case of extremely bad weather conditions.  


Can I bring my own food/ beverages? 

No, you are not allowed to bring your own food or drinks to the festival site. There will be food trucks and bars to purchase drinks and food. 


What is the method of payment at the Festival? 

The festival is PIN ONLY! 

Can I leave the Festival Site and come back? 

No, you are unfortunately not allowed to leave the festival site and come back after. 


Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any refunds anymore. After the festival got postponed we opened a window of 2 weeks in which people could get their ticket refunded if they couldn’t make it. This option is now closed. If desired, you could resell your ticket through Instagram or Ticketswap. 


What are the Notes House Rules and code of conduct? 



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